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She's Pregnant, Now What?

She’s pregnant, now what?

You were so careful…..this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Now you’re facing being a father, and you’re terrified.

If she is pregnant, this changes everything.  You like her, but are you ready for this?  What choices, if any, do you have?  What are your rights?  What will be expected of you?

We’re not just here for her.  You can meet with your own client advocate, who can support you as you explore this situation.

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My daughter is pregnant – what can I do?

You may be initially angry or disappointed, but your daughter needs you more than ever now.  We understand that this is not what you had planned for your child, and we can help you navigate this journey.

There are conversations that need to happen that will set the course of your changing relationship.  We can help you figure it out and to learn what it truly means to help her.

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How can I help my friend?

Being a friend means being there through the hard times and the good times.  It doesn’t mean telling her what you would do, but instead helping her to figure out what is best for her.

To do this, she needs to get information on all of her options.  She will need access to services, resources, and most importantly, a supportive community.  You can’t do it all for her.  Help her get the help she needs.

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For information and to speak to someone about your situation, call or text (780) 533-2888 or email info@pccgp.ca. You can also call us toll free at 1 (844) 840-2888.

We provide accurate information on all options; we do not provide abortion referrals

24 hour hotline:
(780) 533-2888